RUPES DA Coarse Wool Pad

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75 mm fits the RUPES LHR75.
150 mm fits the RUPES 15ES and the 12E.
180 mm fits the RUPES 21ES.
For Gear Driven Polishers
The blue, in line with the RUPES colour code, gives a stunningly fast defect removal, especially considering a Dual Action Random Orbital movement. Most users confess it “cuts like a rotary, but without the rotary swirls!” We smile, of course.
How does this wool pad work so well? The secret is revealed in the fibre itself – it is more refined and slim. However, with a unique pile length distribution, 50% 6 mm length and 50% 8 mm length, that contributes to the defect removal power and at the same time, finishing ability. It gives a remarkable performance when used with our colour-matched blue compounds, Zephir and Mille Compound. Available in 150 mm and 180 mm sizes.