NANOSKIN BUMPER GEL Trim & Bumper Gel Protectant

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  • A thick, rich gel protectant
  • Restores, protects, and enhances exterior trim of any color
  • Great for plastic, rubber and vinyl exterior trim

NANOSKIN BUMPER GEL is the solution to an issue that plagues almost every vehicle manufactured in the last 30 years – dull, faded, and discolored plastic exterior trim. This thick, gel-like formula penetrates deep into the pores of plastic, rubber, and vinyl exterior trim, restoring the finish to factory-new condition. A traditional trim dressing might last a week or two if you’re lucky; BUMPER GEL provides months of durable protection. Use BUMPER GEL on moldings, bumpers, windshield cowlings, louvers, air vents, wiper arms, window trim, mudguards, side mirror housings, bed rails, door handles, and more! The durable UV inhibitors block the sun’s damaging rays, keeping your trim looking new for months.


Its thick, gel-like formula spreads evenly and dries completely. If used on hard, smooth surfaces, buff the surface dry with a clean microfiber towel. On tires, apply an even coat and allow to dry for 20 minutes before applying an additional coat. Apply multiple coats to tires if you want a glossy, shiny appearance.