Deluxe Contour Tire Brush

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Clean tires quickly and easily with the Deluxe Contour Tire Brush! The shape of the brush head mimics the curvature of the tire so you get maximum surface contact from the wheel to the tread. An offset handle gives you excellent leverage to scrub tires clean!

The Deluxe Contour Tire Brush is curved to hug most tires from wheel to tread. When you scrub, you're cleaning the groove where the wheel and rubber meet as well as the edge of the tire that slopes toward the tread. Clean the tires faster and with less effort! The bristles of the Deluxe Contour Tire Brush are sturdy and chemical resistant. They are able to remove grime and brake dust from the rubber's pores with the help of a good tire cleaner, like Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner. The bristles are chemical resistant and flexible. Once your tires are clean and dry, apply Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel to create a deep black sheen. The handle of the Deluxe Contour Wheel Brush is heavy duty molded plastic with a rubberized grip. A hanging hole in the handle allows you to store the brush off the counter and out of the way.

The brush head is surrounded by a rubber bumper to prevent scuffs if you accidentally bump the wheel. Cut your tire-cleaning time in half with the Deluxe Contour Tire Brush. Its smart shape allows you to clean more efficiently with less effort.