ABC Citrus Power Powder

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Powdered Low PH Wash

Specially formulated low PH wash that can act as a presoak or degreaser for tires, and rims. Formulated for conveyor & automatic wash systems.

Directions for Use

To make the highest concentration of Citrus Power in liquid form take 5 lbs. (2.26 Kg) and add it to 5 gallons (19 liters) of water. Mix thoroughly for 5-15 minutes or until all the powder has completely dissolved.

Dilution Ratios

Low PH Tunnel Presoak: Up to 90:1 (45 ml per vehicle) 

Touchless Car Wash: Up to 66:1 (59 ml per vehicle)


  • Compact savings: One 50 lb box makes 50 gallons of finished product.
  • Lifts and removes dirt and oily soils with ease.
  • Citric acid base works safely on most wheels.
  • Formulated for conveyor & automatic car washes but can be used in self-serve applications as well.