Maxshine Ceramic Coating Applicator

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  1. Ideal for coating film, good to apply costing on car surface

  2. Their dual-density foam design allows for a dense handle, which keeps your hands clean

  3. These new and innovative foam applicators are contoured to spread tire dressing smoothly and evenly while eliminating runs and drips, oily hands, and messy rags

  4. A contoured applicator perfectly spreads the dressing on your tire's sidewall

  5. Long service life, washable and reusable.

Take your best car wax and the right applicator and you’ll have a pairing for perfect protection; no need to take out your polishers. Whether providing a car detail service or doing your own auto detailing, MaxShine has what you need in Applicators. Comprises of various materials with assorted grip styles you can use MaxShine Applicators to not just wax, but even create an enhanced interior car detail. Detailers do their job right with MaxShine.